Donal's is set to close on Saturday after 27 years in Newbridge

All stock must go with 50% off most items and 70% in some cases

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Donal's is set to close on Saturday after 27 years in Newbridge

The iconic discount store in Newbridge

It is a sad week for Newbridge as the town prepares to say goodbye to one of its long-standing institutions - Donal's.

Donal’s discount store will close its doors on Edward Street for the very last time this Saturday, June 17, after 27 years in the town.

Proprietor, Donal Curran said it was a tough decision but he wanted to retire from the business. His son has taken over the Gorey store and the Naas store closed a year ago. He said there is 50% off everything at the Newbridge store this week, with 70% off many items.

“Everything has to go,” he said, “Business has been slowly dipping over the past few years. The multiples have been getting a bigger handle in the business. At the same time we could have stayed with them but I would have needed to be more involved and I wanted to cut back.”

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He thanked his loyal hardworking staff and customers who shopped at Donal’s over the years. Some staff members have been working there over 20 years. First opening at Charlotte Mall in 1991, it later moved to the main street in 2000.

Donal recalled how they saw every trend come and go throughout the years such as the Rubiks Cube, Teletubbies, Barbie, fidget spinners and the latest craze — squishies.