BREAKING: Technical problem shuts credit unions in Naas, Newbridge and Maynooth

Services unavailable to members

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


BREAKING: Technical problems shut credit unions in Naas, Newbridge and Maynooth

The credit union office at North Main Street, Naas


Many thousands of people were left without credit union services last Saturday morning.

A glitch affected members of Life Credit Union branches in Naas, Newbridge and Maynooth.

It comes soon after the official rebranding of Naas Credit Union as Life Credit Union. The former Naas Credit Union has branches in Naas town centre, Monread and Newbridge, and merged with Maynooth Credit Union.

Unlike the banks, credit unions have traditionally provided a full range of services to its customers on Saturdays.

It was not immediately apparent what caused the outage or when the branches would reopen, though the premises were staffed.

However a sign was placed on the North Main Street Naas branch  indicating that services are unavailable. It directed members to the second Naas office in Monread indicating that transactions could be processed manually at that office.

However services were unavailable there also; but staff members noted customer phone numbers so that they could be informed when the office reopened.

Life Credit Union has almost 40,000 members and held rebranding launches in its Newbridge, Naas and Maynooth branches last Friday.

Life Credit Union later clarified to the Leinster Leader that a "power outage" had caused the interruption of services last Saturday morning.