Cancer deaths in Kildare higher than national average

Over 50 deaths in accident and suicide category

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Cancer deaths in Kildare higher than national average

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Kildare has a higher rate of deaths from cancer or malignant neoplasms (MNP) than most other counties, according to the new Vital Statistics 2017 statistics report issued from the Central Statistics Office on May 30.

Of 1,029 deaths in the county in 2017, 328 were from MNP or cancer related issues.

This represented 31.9% of all deaths, which is higher than the national average (30.1%) but lower than Fingal, the highest at 35.4% and Meath, second highest at 34.3%.

It was the eight highest proportion in the State.

Such death tend to be higher in older populations. Nationally, there were 1,315 deaths due to accidents, suicides and other external causes or “external causes,” as defined by the CSO.   Accidents accounted for 65% of these deaths, while suicides accounted for 30%. Of these, 71% were male.

In Kildare there were 54 deaths recorded under this “External Causes” heading. These represented 5.2% of all deaths in 2017, a relatively high proportion, compared to other counties. The national average was 4.3%.

Kildare followed Galway city (7.9%), Cork city, North Tipperary, Cavan, Meath, Offaly and Roscommon.

Kildare at 12.1% had the fifth lowest proportion of deaths from respiratory causes in the State.