Over 4% growth in Kildare electorate since 2015 marriage referendum

Final numbers not known yet

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Over 4% growth in Kildare electorate since 2015 marriage referendum

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 The number of Kildare people entitled to vote in the May 25 referendum has grown by a 4.5% since 2015, according to figures supplied by Kildare County Council today (May 9).

A Council spokesperson said that as of May 9 there were 145,678 on the Register of Electors for Kildare, including the Kildare North and Kildare South constituencies.

The Council could not comment on numbers involved in a last minute rush to register for the referendum. It would be next week before it could do that.

When the marriage equality referendum was held on May 22 2015, there were 139,398 people on the Register of Electors.

The register had 128,574 on it for the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty held on June 12 2008, suggesting a growth rate of 1.24% a year over the decade.

When the referendum on the right to life of the unborn (the 8th amendment to the Constitution) was held on September 9 1983, a total of 69,559 were listed on the register.

When it came to polling day, 33,658 of them (48.4%) came out to vote. There were 19,856 in favour of it and 13,551 against it in county Kildare.

Just 36,552 were on the register when a referendum on the Dail proportional representation voting method was held on June 17 1959.