Traffic problems highlighted at Athgarvan crossroads

Council undertakes to monitor traffic signals

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Traffic problems highlighted at Athgarvan crossroads

File photo: Athgarvan

Problems with ongoing traffic tailbacks at peak evening times at Athgarvan crossroads are to be examined by Kildare County Council.

Cllr Mark Lynch said the traffic management team has undertaken to monitor the situation.

"One evening the traffic was backed up from Newbridge Rugby Club to the lights at Athgarvan, a 20 minute walk. This is totally unacceptable and evidence that traffic lights don't work. We need to start coming up with new measures to address majour road issues which are prevalent all over the county,” he said.

“In Athgarvan we are seeing the start of the side effects that councillors have created by zoning Athgarvan as a town and not keeping it as a village. The promised investment from still has not come and more houses and shops are going to make traffic even worse in Athgarvan. A long term solution is required immediately."

Following his representations to the council, he said the Traffic Management Section has undertaken to review the operation of the traffic signals at Athgarvan and make any necessary changes.

The council pointed out that due to external factors including the M7 works/detours and other issues, an increased volume of traffic may use this route especially during peak hours. 

It said this can result in the junction operating at over capacity with queuing forming on approaches.

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