Kildare's social housing supply highlighted

64% of Kildare social houses rented from private landlords in 2017 under HAP and RAS schemes

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare's social housing supply highlighted

Kildare South TD, Martin Heydon

There will be 2,426 new social homes delivered in Kildare over the next three years, Kildare South TD, Martin Heydon said today.

Commenting on a new report from the Department of Housing on April 19, he said this is the fourth highest target in the country after Dublin City, Fingal, and South Dublin.

Deputy Heydon said Kildare will benefit from the significant progress made to date in advancing the construction pipeline, as well as social housing delivery targets for local authorities for 2018-2021. “The significant expansion of the social housing build programme is evident in the Q4 2017 Construction Status report published this week by the Department of Housing.”

Deputy Heydon said last year we saw 1,190 social housing solutions delivered here in Kildare. This includes 762 delivered through the Housing Assistance Payment and Rental Accommodation Schemes and 428 houses built, acquired and leased by the local authority.

The figures suggest that 64% of the 1,190 were supplied under the Housing Assistance Payment or Rental Accommodation Schemes, in which the State pays private landlord for the accommodation.

The other 36% were either built, bought or leased by Kildare County Council.

He said overall, the Government has, nationally, now committed €6 billion to support the accelerated delivery of 50,000 additional social housing homes by end 2021, through build (33,500), acquisition (6,500) and leasing (10,000) programmes.

Deputy Heydon said he would  “continue to push Kildare County Council, approved housing bodies, and local elected representatives to ensure the building of new social housing homes is a priority and these targets are reached.”

He added that the number don’t include new builds under Part V, voids, acquisitions or long term leases so the actual stock of new social housing coming on stream is even greater than this.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy said: “Under the targets I have announced, a minimum of 40,700 homes will be delivered during the four year period to end-2021, including over 7,800 this year alone.

The Minister added: “Taking account of the progress already made in 2016 and 2017, this will ensure that the 50,000 target will be met, signalling this Government’s unwavering commitment to a significantly expanded social housing programme.”