280 home Newbridge development gets the go ahead

Ballymany site to be developed

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue



280 home Newbridge development gets the go ahead

The dulpex units which have been introduced to the development

An Bord Pleanála has given the go ahead to a developer to build 280 homes at Ballymany, Newbridge.

Cowlara Ltd had originally applied for permission for 220 homes including a nursing home and creche. 

However, the development was changed under further information submitted to the council.

The applicant cut house numbers to 183, reduced the size of the nursing home, made revisions to the phasing of the works including the link road and updated the Environmental Impact Statement.  

The council refused permission citing archaeological and traffic concerns.

The decision was appealed by Cowlara last August.

The site is bounded to the north by the Standhouse Road, and the rear of dwellings fronting that road; and the Ballymany Road to the south.

The Keadeen Hotel, gardens of houses at the Elms, and a playing field lie to the east of the site, while farmland is located to the west, of the proposed site.

The An Board Pleanála inspector recommended the application be refused because the housing density was too low.

The board contacted the developer and asked for further information to deal with this issue.

The company then published a revised notice. It proposed replacing the detached and semi-detached dwellings with apartment/duplex dwellings resulting in an increase in the number of dwellings to 280.

The developers said they still favoured the original plans for 220 units, but gave the 280 option because of the boards concerns about low density. 

The board ruled on April 13 that “in deciding not to accept the inspector's recommendation to refuse permission, the board considered that the revised option No 2 submitted in response to the S.137 request substantially addresses the concerns of the Inspector with regard to an appropriate level of density on this serviceable site adjacent to the town of Newbridge.”

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