Mystery surrounds whereabouts of defendant in Carbury mushroom factory case

Court told man in Lithuania

By Leinster Leader Reporter


By Leinster Leader Reporter


Mystery surrounds whereabouts of defendant in Carbury mushroom factory case

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A man, who went down on his knees during a court hearing, was said to have left Ireland for Lithuania for treatment for depression and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.



On April 11,  the Naas District Court case was briefly adjourned. Zydrunas Dismonas (36), of 25 St Patrick’s Street, Edenderry, is alleged to have trespassed and breached public order laws at Carbury Mushroom on the same day.



Judge Desmond Zaidan  adjourned the case briefly after Mr Dismonas went down on his knees in front of him. The judge told solicitor, Seamus  Boyle that if he wanted his client assessed in the Central Mental Hospital, he could do that.



The judge said that the defendant’s “demeanor towards the bench was very, very aggressive...if looks could was either an act or something was seriously wrong.”



Afterwards Mr Boyle said he had “no concern” about Mr Dismonas’s mental health and defendant apologised for his behaviour, explaining that he takes anti-depressants and had not taken his medication that day, as he had been custody.



Bail was granted but with conditions, including staying out of Derrinturn. The defendant’s alleged behaviour had been “very intimidating”  because of an alleged issue over pay, the Court heard.



When the case came back before the Court last Tuesday, April 17, Mr Boyle said he was instructed that Mr Dismonas had returned to Lithuania for further treatment.



“You told me he was alright,” Judge Desmond Zaidan said, adding this was not satisfactory.



Garda Sgt Jim Kelly, prosecuting, sought a bench warrant for Mr Dismonas’s arrest.



The judge told Mr Boyle: “I don’t accept your clients instruction. He is still in Ireland.”



Sgt Kelly said the defendant was in Portlaoise Garda Station as late as Sunday (April 15)