Naas "boy racers" come under fire


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas "boy racers" come under fire

The entrance to the Friary Road car park in Naas

CCTV cameras deployed at the Friary Road (Hedermans) car park in Naas should be used to  help identify so-called boy racers who “use their vehicles for anti social behaviour.”

That’s according to Naas councillor Anne Breen who said that local residents are concerned about the behaviour and  are “very concerned that this will ultimately lead to serious accidents.”

Residents living along Blessington Road have highlighted the presence of  young people driving cars at night, Cllr Breen said at a Naas Municipal District meeting.

According to Kildare County Council the presence of vehicles late on night which was picked up on CCTV was reported to the gardai and those involved were “warned off.”

The council also said it will continue to monitor footage and report any violations to the gardai in Naas “for investigation and follow up.”

Cllr Seamie Moore said he understood that in general  the CCTV system was “switched over” to the gardai after normal working hours and if this is so “we should ask the gardai why they’ve failed to do something about it.”

District engineer David Reel confirmed that the CCTV cameras are monitored within KCC during the day only.

He said he was unsure about what level of monitoring takes place afterwards.