County Kildare Live Register figure drops yet again

Unemployment rate falls in County Kildare

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Leader reporter


County Kildare Live Register figure drops yet again

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The drop in Kildare unemployment rate continues if the Live Register for March is taken as an indication.

Although not the official measure of unemployment, the figures for the month of March this year show a drop for all ages and sexes of 10.9%, leaving 9,820 people on the Live Register last month.

The fall of 1,201 people appears to have been steady over the twelve months with 5.1% of it coming since September 2017.

The drop for males of all ages was slightly higher, a 13.2% drop to 5,154 people.

For females the drop was 8.2% to 4,666.

The largest percentage drop (27.8%) was for under 25s in the Athy area.

The the number of under 25s in the Maynooth area on the Register was down by 21% to 271.