"Horrendous" victim impact statement in alleged County Kildare teen assault case

Case may go to Circuit Court

By Leinster Leader Reporter


By Leinster Leader Reporter



"Horrendous" victim impact statement in County Kildare teen assault case

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 A case of alleged assault by a teenager against a young woman may now be sent to the Circuit Court after the District Court judge read what he described as a  “horrendous” two page victim impact report from the alleged female victim.

The juvenile, who cannot be named for legal reasons has been charged with assault causing harm in mid June 2017.

Following initial victim statements, it appeared the case would be heard in Naas District Court, but at the April 5 sitting, Judge Desmond Zaidan said he read a second report on the alleged victim’s injuries and would not be comfortable dealing with the case in the District Court.

He said the serious nature of the alleged injuries were not made apparent when the case first came before the court last year.

There was an initial statement from the alleged victim, but then a second alleged victim impact statement emerged from the young female.

He said the alleged victim, who was present in Court in the company of her older sister, on April 5, had spent five days in hospital.

He said she had had seizures in the past and that she also  a number a seizures in hospital following the assault.

The judge said the statement said the alleged victim was attending counselling and was not going out with her friends. The girl, who will be eighteen this June, found it hard to trust people, he said.

An indication of how the defendant would plead was made last December on the basis of the initial evidence before the Court.

But Conal Boyce, solicitor, told the Court on April 5, that he would now have to reserve his position on the basis of the latest evidence.

Judge Zaidan said he would adjourn the case because of the “significant aggravating” factors and that he would allow the defendant to vacate his initial position.

He said he would adjourn the case to May 17 to allow Mr Boyce take instructions from his client.

Judge Zaidan said he intended sending the case to the Circuit Court.

Apart from the alleged assault, the youth is also charged with criminal damage to an iphone on the June date.

He is also charged with being in possession of cannabis on March 18 2017.

During a hearing last November, Judge Zaidan said he was concerned with a report from the Probation and Welfare Services, which stated that the youth had told them that he intended to continue to smoke cannabis.