Almost 50% of rented properties inspected in Kildare did not comply

Standards in rented accommodation

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Almost 50% of rented properties inspected did not comply

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 House inspection teams found that just under half of the private rented houses they inspected Kildare in 2016 did not comply with with regulations, according to a government report on local authorities.

The National Oversight Audit Commission found that there were 12,062 private rented houses registered in the county that year.

Kildare County Council inspected 378 or just over 3.1% of these.

It found that 49.7% did not comply with the house standards required.

The report, “Performance Indicators in Local Authorities in 2016” report, found that between 2015 and 2016, the total number of registered tenancies in the State rose by around one percent to 311,295.

A total of 13,603 (4.3%) were inspected and overall 75% of those inspected were found non compliant with current standards.

Fingal, which had 20,438 registered tenancies, inspected 321 of them and found 65% did not comply.

Meath had 7,375 registered tenancies and its Council inspected 109 or 1.5% of them.

Wicklow had 6,815 and 357 (5.2%) were inspected. Just 2.8% did not comply there.

In South Dublin, 1,433 (9.6%) of its 14,811 registered tenancies were inspected and 83% were found to be non compliant.

In Carlow, there were 3,740 tenancies registered and 317 (8.4%) were inspected. Over 98% of those inspected were non compliant with standards.