New Naas, Sallins and Clane bus timetables and fares announced


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


New Naas, Sallins and Clane bus timetables and fares announced

FIle photo: Sallins

A new timetable and an updated fares structure has been announced for the new bus service between Naas and Blanchardstown

The National Transport Authority initially said that the service would not stop in Naas, Sallins or Clane when travelling in either direction.

This led to criticism from the Sallins Community Council, whose public relations officer Michael Dolly said that the service would be meaningless for many local residents if the bus failed to stop.

Since then the NTA has clarified that the bus will stop.

Now Mr Dolly Dolly says the NTA has approved short stops between Naas-Sallins-Clane on the 7pm, 9pm and 10.35pm services between Monday and Saturday in both directions — from Naas and from Blanchardstown and on all nine services on Sundays and public holidays.

He said pressure from SCC secured “favourable pricing structures for fares between the three towns.”

He said these are aligned with the fares charged for similar distances at the Dublin end of the route.

“For example, an adult fare between Naas-Sallins or Sallins-Clane will cost €2.15 using a Leap card.” There will be free travel for under fives and the travel pass will be accepted for all journeys.

He said the SCC is still talking with the NTA “as to whether there will be a partial restriction on trips between the towns for the six daily services (Mon-Sat) at 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Mr. Dolly said the SCC hopes that the remaining restrictions will be lifted so that the bus can set down and pick up passengers on these outstanding journeys. The changes will start on April 2.

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