Leftover Kildare property tax funds for five good causes

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Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard



Leftover Kildare property tax funds for five good causes

Kildare County Council's head offices at Aras Chill Dara, Naas

Leftover money from last year’s Local Property Tax (LPT) has been re-allocated to groups for 2018.

The LPT redistributes funds to Local Authorities which do not have a sufficient property tax base to generate sufficient funding for its services.

Money not claimed in 2017 will be given out to Care and Repair, Lions Club, Busk and Food, Twinning and Defibrillators.

Care and repair is a programme established by Age Action, to carry out minor repairs for older and vulnerable people free of charge. This good cause will receive €2000.

The Lions Club, who help their local communities through the organisation of fundraisers and other events, will receive €5000.

Busk and Food Festival will receive €5000 also.

The Kildare Twinning association will get €3000, while Defibrillators, which are being installed across Kildare, will get a boost of €1,500.

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