Kilcock to honour Kildare weather heroes

Awards for those who went beyond call of duty

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kilcock to honour Kildare weather heroes

The snow at Castletown House demesne recently

A Kilcock community group is set to recognise people who went beyond the call of duty in helping others during storm Emma.

On Sunday, April 1, Kilcock Community Network (KCN), is to present  Storm Emma Local Hero Awards  to ten people in the community.

Patrick O’Connor, KCM, said there was a great response from the community when they sought nominations.  

“There is no shortage of great community people in Kilcock. The number of nominations and stories we got was extraordinary.”

There has also been a great response from the business community to donate gifts which will be presented to the award winners and their partners.

The awards will take place at The Harbour on Sunday, April 1 at 1.30pm.

KCM has also organised a walk (starting at 2pm) along the new Greenway.

Following the ceremony, the public can join the Greenway Family Walk along the Royal Canal towards Maynooth.

Because there will be young children on it, it is stopping at the North Kildare club and returning to Kilcock. It is estimated to be 45 minutes long.

Mr O’Connor said they hope a group from Maynooth can meet them halfway.