Another delay looms for Sallins playground

Facility is badly needed

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Another delay looms for Sallins playground


Kildare County Council has come under fire for not yet building a playground in Sallins.

Fianna Fail TD and Sallins resident James Lawless said the project is ready to go _ a site has been found beside the church and money has been put aside - but the resources have not benen provided to  do the necessary design and consultaton work.

Dep. James Lawless has lobbied for a playground for Sallins

About two years local councillors were told that some €180,000 had provided  for the project.

Initially it proved difficult to find a site. Land near Castlefen,  was identified but Kildare County Council opposed this idea pointing out that this may be needed for housing at a future date.

In the meantime a playground has opened at Kill, adjacent to the GAA  facility.