Van is perched on Naas roundabout


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Van is perched on Naas roundabout

The scene at Ballymore Road, Naas

Efforts are being made early this afternoon to retrieve a vehicle from a roundabout near Naas town centre.

The commercial van, has a United Kingdom registration and a UK website address and is apparantly owned by a company with contracts in the rail and utility sectors.

It is perched on top of the Ballymore Road roundabout, which is part of the ring road connecting Kilcullen Road and Newbridge Road with Blessington road.

It appears that a sign identifying the roundabout was damaged when the van collided with it.

A recovery vehicle is at the scene as was a second vehicle from the owner company.

It is not known how the accident happened. There is an incline from the roundabout towards Kilcullen Road and there was snow and ice on local roads last night and this morning.