Snow ploughs make a return to Naas

Snow is still falling but an improvement is expected

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Snow ploughs make a return to Naas

South Main Street, Naas, today

Snow clearing machinery returned to the streets of Naas this afternoon to tackle the worst effects of overnight snow and frost. And the vast majority of businesses due to open today in Naas have done so, including all of the main supermarkets

A Kildare County Council snow plough was deployed to shift snow from the approach roads to the town and a digger  driver was clearing roadways nearer to and within the town centre.

The main street is safe to drive and the roads leading into the town are also safe to drive, but caution is advised when driving on roads further out of the town, especially within estates. Footpaths are also dangerous in Naas.

Residents awoke earlier today to two inches of snow in residential areas.

St. David's Church, off North Main Street, Naas, this afternoon.

In places the conditions were exacerbated by drifts created as the snow was carried on strong easterly winds, which also created a significant wind chill factor especially yesterday afternoon.

And because the snow has continued to fall the situation has not improved.

However Met Eireann says that the snow showers will become more scattered this evening.

In the meantime though snow will continue to fall  across County Kildare, though conditions will be worst in eastern areas like Naas. A cold night is predicted  with temperatures set to fall to between 0 and minus 3 degrees centigrade after dark.

There is no snow on the horizon for tomorrow here, but there will be wintry showers early on, followed by sunny spells with maximum temperatures of 5-6 degrees.

The gardai have warned that road and footpaths will be dangerous in seven Leinster counties, including Kildare, as well as Waterford.