Trainee jockey taken into custody at Naas District Court until he apologised for defiant comment

Trainee under pressure due to Cheltenham

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Ted Walsh's jockey taken into custody at Naas District Court until he apologised for defiant comment

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A trainee jockey at Ted Walsh’s stables was remanded in custody briefly after what the judge described as his defiant  comments at Naas District Court on March 14.

“If you are convicted of this you won’t be riding horses for a long time,” a trainee jockey from Ted Walsh’s racing stable was told when he appeared in the District Court on charges of failing to give information to Gardai.

Owen Moss is one of three men who appeared at the March 14 sitting of Naas District Court.

Judge Desmond Zaidan was told that Moss was minding  horses while his boss was at Cheltenham.

Moss (19), 2 St Mark’s Drive, Clondalkin, Andriy Kalashnyk (38), 14 Orchard Park, The Curragh, and Warren Murphy (26), 46 Orchard Park, Newbridge, are charged for failing to give Gardaí information at Monread road, Naas, on May 31.

Garda Sgt Jim Kelly said the State is alleging that the three men were in car which they approached a checkpoint at Naas. The car turned around before the checkpoint and sped off. It was later found parked at Monread road. The three men were found sitting in the car but there was nobody in the driver's seat.

None of the men said they were driving the car.

Mr Moss told Judge Zaidan said he hoped to make it as a professional jockey. The judge asked: “Are you sure when you stopped them they were not on a horse.”

Aishling Murphy BL, legally representing the men, said Mr Moss was under pressure due to Cheltenham.

She sought free legal aid for Mr Moss but the judge suggested Mr Walsh could pay it. “This is chicken feed to Mr Walsh (Ted).”

He then opted to grant free legal aid to Mr Moss and said he would adjourn the matter to Wednesday, March 21 but Mr Moss said that he might not be able to make it due to work.

As Mr Moss was leaving the Courthouse he was heard saying: “I will not be here.”

Ms Murphy said her client was talking to himself but Judge Zaidan said his comment was “defiant,” called him back and remanded him custody until later in the afternoon. “If there is no apology you know where you will end up,” he said

When Mr Moss returned later, he apologised to the Court and was released on bail.

Ms Murphy said her client was under a lot of pressure due to the Cheltenham meeting. She said he was looking after business for Mr Walsh while the latter was in Cheltenham and had got time off  that day to attend court.

Judge Zaidan told Mr Moss that if he was going to be a full-time jockey, he had a lot to learn."

Judge Zaidan  released him from custody.

He remanded the three men to appear again before Naas District Court, on March 21.