Lights out in Naas town centre

Parts of town in darkness

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Lights out in Naas town centre

Parts of Naas are illuminated only by businesses and passing traffic tonight

Naas is without public lighting across a large swathe of the town centre this evening.

And there was no public lighting working in parts of the town before dawn today either.

It is not known what caused the problem – or when it will be rectified.

A spokesperson for ESB Networks reiterated that it does not have responsibility for street lights but a company representative said the call reporting the fault would be logged and the matter reported to Kildare County Council.

Most of South Main Street has no lighting as well as part of New Row (Newbridge Road) and Fairgreen.

It was not possible to log a complaint with Airtricity, which maintains public lighting this evening, without having an account number, using the freephone number to which their website visitors are directed.