Milltown dad thanks emergency services for getting his pregnant wife to hospital during Storm Emma

Baby born in hospital after mum is transported by fire truck towed by tractor and an army Unimog

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Milltown dad thanks emergency services for getting his pregnant wife to hospital during Storm Emma

Deborah and Jason Roche with their son Noah and the new arrival, baby Wyatt

A pregnant Milltown woman, who was brought to Naas Hospital in a fire truck towed by a tractor and then transported by the army to the Coombe, is back home helping her new arrival to settle in.

Deborah Roche and her husband Jason paid tribute to everyone involved in getting them safely to the Coombe after Deborah went into labour at the height of Storm Emma in the early hours of Friday morning, March 2. 

The couple had stayed over with Jason’s mum in Esmondale in Naas on Thursday night.

However, Deborah went into labour at around 4am as snow plummeted down.

“We went out to see if we could get the car out, but the snow was up to the headlights,” he said.

“We rang the ambulance, they said they had two ambulances out and they were stuck. We rang the gardai and they couldn’t get their four by four out, we rang the fire brigade and they had a truck that was being pulled out by a tractor on the Main Street in Naas, so the tractor towed the fire truck up here and we got down to Naas Hospital. We had to walk out to the entrance of the estate to meet them,” he explained.

Deborah had been booked into The National Maternity Hospital at Holles Street for a section scheduled for yesterday Monday, March 5, but their baby wasn't going to wait that long to make an appearance.

When the Roches arrived at Naas Hospital, staff tried to make arrangements for the couple to be taken to Dublin because Naas Hospital is not equipped as a maternity hospital.

They tried to get a helicopter to come from Athlone, but they couldn’t take off because of the weather.

Then two army men from St Bricin’s barracks came to their aid and drove them in a Unimog vehicle to the Coombe along with a doctor and a nurse from Naas hospital.

Arrangements had been made to pick up a midwife on the way to the hospital, but they had to be discarded because they didn't want to delay the transportation.

The army men had already driven from Dublin to Galway, and back again to Temple Street Hospital. Jason said they were getting ready to go home, but when they heard they were needed again, they responded without delay.

Little Wyatt was born 35 minutes after the couple arrived at the Coombe, at 10.20am weighing a healthy 6lbs and 14ozs. Mum and baby arrived home on Sunday, and Wyatt was thrilled to meet his big brother Noah for the first time. 

“I want to thank the fire brigade, Naas Hospital, the two army lads from St Bricin’s, the farmer who towed the fire truck, everyone who helped in anyway. They were all links in the chain and if any of those links were gone, we would have been in a bad place. I can’t thank them enough,” said Jason.