Rathcoole magician in quarter-finals of Norway's Got Talent

Hoping to go all the way

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard



Rathcoole magician in quarter-finals of Norway's Got Talent

Denis Stone

A Rathcoole illusionist and entertainer has made it to the quarter-finals of this year's Norway’s Got Talent, or Norske Talenter.

Denis Stone (36) is hoping to impress judges and give everyone a giggle on this Fridays show.

“I'm feeling very excited for Friday. I have being doing magic since I took it up at the age of 8, it's an absolute passion and Friday is going to put all those years of performances and practice to the test!”, Denis told the Leader.

“It is huge for me, and I have great support with family and friends and even from Irish people I have not even met before. It's really amazing and overwhelming. There is a lot of people I don't want to let down so hopefully I can do all these people proud on the day, especially my two young daughters Isabella and Susannah.”

Denis has a Norwegian girlfriend, and moved over to Scandinavia in December 2016, but is back and fourth to Ireland for work.

He is the youngest of 8 children, and was scouted out to audition for Got Talent. 

Although it wasn’t really his scene, he gave it a go and hasn’t looked back since.

“I use comedy a lot in my performances and the audience seem to go for it as well. For me I want everyone to witness magic and feel that sense of wonderment I felt as a young child, a feeling of wonderment about magic that had never left me”, he added.

“Roll on Friday, I'm going to give it a good go and hopefully do everyone proud.”


Link to Website: www.denisstone.com