Free parking across County Kildare this Saturday

Weather crisis

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Free parking across county Kildare this Saturday

Kildare County Council offices

Motorists will not be charged for parking at some car parks in County Kildare this Saturday.

The “amnesty” lasts for two hours on Saturday at car parks operated by Kildare County Council (one exception is the car park at Abbey Street, Naas).

The concession does not apply to on-street parking, where you will still have to buy a ticket from a machine.

Neither does it apply to privately operated car parks, most of which clamp offending vehicles and then demand a release fee of up to €120.

Kildare County Council official Niall Morrissey said the two hour concession is a recognition of the difficulties faced by retailers during the recent spell of bad weather, when many businesses had to close for a period.

And many of those who remained open saw turnover fall because so many shoppers stayed at home.