Kildare fuel company advises knock on delivery issues

Fuel vans had safety issues in estates

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare fuel company advises knock on delivery issues

A snow person

The knock on effect of the snow fall disruptions will be the bigger issue for deliveries of home heating oil next week, one Kildare fuel company said today.

Steven Monahan, who helps run the family run Monahan's Fuels & Garden Centre business from Barberstown, Maynooth, told the Leader this morning that  it could be a week before deliveries get back to normal.

Monahan do a lot of solid fuel but customers also call into them to buy home heating oil from tanks. They have been very busy this week, and have seen new customers because petrol stations have run out of fuel and were coming to them instead.

The company does a lot of deliveries themselves

Steven said the tanks are normally filled twice a week but they were emptying very quickly earlier this week.

He said they took their vans off the road on Wednesday and Thursday and today.

They were concerned about the bigger vans in the housing estates in particular, for safety reasons, including children out playing in the snow.

They were also concerned for their drivers.

They made some deliveries with a commercial jeep.

Steven said that on the coal side, a delivery due this week to Monahan’s will now arrive next week.