Naas is in virtual shutdown today


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas is in virtual shutdown today

Naas town centre today

A different kind of Black Friday has come to Naas.

The centre of Naas resembles a ghost town today.

The main thoroughfare is in virtual lockdown and there is nobody about  - bar a handful of curious pedestrians eager to get a glimpse of the snowbound town, when it is almost totally devoid of activity.

Few, if any, businesses remain open and footpaths are in a very dangerous condition. While a snow plough was deployed earlier in the week in Naas, this had not happened today up until this afternoon (though a tractor-driven snow plough did clear some of the snow off the street at 1.30pm).

North Main Street and South Main Street are just about passable, but only in heavy vehicles.

And the roads leading into the town cannot be used by traffic because of the volume of snow that has fallen since Tuesday last. There is so little traffic and so much snow that the best walking route through Naas - for the few people out and about - is down the middle of the main street. That's something that might make you a person of interest the gardai in more normal circumstances.

In places along the Kilcullen Road the snow has gathered in drifts of up to six feet and the route is a virtual no go area on the Kilcullen side of Naas, beyond the roundabout on the ring road.