Naas is covered in a blanket of snow

Weather chaos

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas is covered in a blanket of snow

Main Street, Naas, today

The toot toot noise of the pedestrian traffic lights on the Kilcullen Road is rarely audible above the constant hum of traffic moving to and from the Piper’s Hill education campus in Naas.

But today it could be heard from some distance because there was little traffic on the road or on all of the other routes around the town after wintry overnight weather conditions dumped at least six inches of snow on the town.

The nearby Piper’s Hill College was closed as were all of the schools in Naas.

It wasn’t possible to tell where the footpaths stopped and the roadway and cycles lanes started.

There were far fewer vehicles on the road and those that were driven moved slowly to cope with the hazardous conditions created by snow packed on more compacted snow along the main street.

Kildare County Council contractors had been out to spread and grit and salt but, given the scale of precipitation, their earnest efforts had little impact.

It is possible, though fairly tricky, to move about Naas town centre today in car or on foot.

There were small localised problem areas aplenty.

Many vehicles found it difficult to negotiate the slight incline outside the Super Valu store at Fairgreen, where it intersects with the turn-off for St. Corban’s boys primary school.

Empty shelves in the Tesco store, Blessington Road, Naas yesterday.

There was some good news though.

Supplies of bread were delivered to the Tesco store in Monread this morning - even if there were few customers about.

By 8pm yesterday there was no bread and milk to be had in more than a few foodstores in Naas and there was no bread or milk available at the Tesco store in Blessington Road, Naas, by 9pm yesterday.