Fines of up to €2,500 proposed for breaking new Kildare cemetery laws

Grave sale issue raised

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Fines proposal for breaking new Kildare cemetery law

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Fines of up to €2,500 are being mooted for breaches of new draft cemetery bye laws proposed by Kildare County Council.

At its monthly meeting on February 26, the Council agreed to publish the draft laws to give the public a couple of months to make submissions on them.

Members themselves and the public many want to make changes.

The draft would ban the selling or transfer of a grave plot to a third party.

But the Council will facilitate those wishing to return the plot to the Council or the transfer of a right of burial to a member of the same family.

The Council has 30 active cemeteries and 30 closed locations and extensions are planned.

Council executive, Liam Dunne, said a fixed payment notice penalty of €75 for some breaches but also a District Court summary conviction and fine of up to €2,500, was proposed.

The laws provide for specific grave spaces in new cemeteries and non cremated human remains. They also allow for differing sizes for cremated remains with the number of interments determined by the size of each space.

Up to a maximum of three coffin burials will be allowed in a single grave and six in a double grave.

It also proposed, where possible, to designate areas for cremated remains but allows for both remains and cremated remains in graves.

The draft also proposes excluding non human remains from a cemetery and allows for the creation of a register of graves and engraving standards.

The law also proposes banning dogs from cemeteries unless they are assistance dogs.

Other sections including rules on selling goods in the cemetery, damage to headstones and the preservation of old headstones, on work in cemeteries, and on seating.

Those wishing to erect monuments will have to get permission.

The draft also proposed that any flowers or wreaths placed on graves after burials shall be removed by the burial plot owners within two months or when weathered.

A ban on the planting of shrubs and flowers in lawn cemeteries is proposed, permitted only when placed on the headstone.