The Operation Transformation race is almost run and these leaders have given it all


Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy


The Operation Transformation race is almost run and these leaders have given it all

The leaders with host Kathryn Thomas

Time is ticking away in this year's Operation Transformation. Next Wednesday, we will air the 5k run followed by the Grand Finale of this year’s show.

Before these highlights and before the leaders get soaked with deserved admiration by their families and followers, I wanted to take a reflective pause to look at their emotional transformation.

Each leader in November made a statement of commitment. I asked them look back at themselves and reflect on each other’s transformation.

The good news is that all the leaders hit their targets.

I am most impressed with the Operation Transformation Class of 2018 — 35 weigh-ins to date and only two missed targets, by 1/2lb. That’s inspiring and shows how the plan works and if you ally commitment to the plan to your will get healthier.

David Cryan — Keep Open

Davy looked at himself ‘before’ Operation Transformation and said he didn’t realise that the man there was stressed.

He was losing the weight, but as Wayne said, it was not until he had his session with me that he lost too the mental pressure he was under.

Davy talked about how he was going to approach our session by using the tactics of the ‘suspect’.

“Say nothing, give nothing away”, was his attitude.

What I admire was Davy was open to taking a risk. Taking a risk to talk about his emotions was the biggest step he took in this year’s Operation Transformation.

He went against the cultural stereotypes that men don’t cry, men don’t talk, they are providers and need to be there for others instead.

But true learning means that you can be both vulnerable and strong, and being there for yourself allows you to be there for others.

Mary Diamond — Power On

Mary looked at herself in the November Interview and didn’t recognized the women she was looking at.

She said that she was so sad, and had hidden it.

It has been like watching a butterfly emerge.

Mary has great humour. She just loved the parachute jump. It was symbolic for her and Mary said when she jumped out she left the older person behind and a younger mindset landed.

Mary reminds us all about the importance of the mindset that we bring around with us.

Is it compassionate? Does it challenge and reinvigorate? Mary is now an athlete — never at the start of OT did she think that is what she would become!

Felicity Moroney — Be Trusting

For Felicity, starting OT was about learning life-skills to be around for her new family of Des and Lauren.

This has happened, not only for Felicity but also for Lauren who is learning to feed herself.

Felicity’s early experience was characterised by the loss of her mother when she was 12 years of age.

This has created internal rules about trust and being open to others.

The experience of the OT group meant that Felicity learned the importance of teamwork and how others can be there to support her, if she is open to it.

Wayne O'Donnell — Go For It!

Wayne is one of these decent guys. He has great emotional intelligence and heart.

He is a great support to the other leaders and there is a bromance ongoing between him and Davy.

Wayne left behind the legacy of a traumatic elbow injury and is now back playing team sports.

The world is his oyster, and his positivity and confidence is brimming. Nothing is going to stop Wayne, particularly at the 5k where he is targeting a sub-30 minute finish time. That’s impressive.

Sarah O’Callaghan — Self-compassion

Sarah looked back and with great sadness, relief and with tears of joy as she has seen the many mountains she has climbed since she took part in that first interview for the programme.

For a person whose story was characterised by cancer, mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, there is now instead fun, joy, life, sexiness, body confidence, and compassion.

Despite having another injection last week, which normally triggers, low mood, Sarah didn’t dip. In Sarah's own words: 'I am an improved version of my old self'.

Transformation beyond the scales

I am always interested in the transformation beyond the scales. While it is not visible in lower numbers, it can be seen in terms of soaring confidence, belief, attitude, motivation, self-compassion and positivity. Truly the OT class of 2018 have excelled.

Time now to break out the runners for the 5k — I hope I keep up and the posh gúnas and suits — for the big reveal show on Wednesday night!