Naas' Big Ball Paddy's Day "greening" has hit a red light

A colour change

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas' Big Ball Paddy's Day "greening" has hit a red light

Naas' Big Ball could be as green as the grass it sits on

Moves are afoot to turn Naas' iconic Big Ball green for St. Patrick's Day.

However bureaucratic confusion over who has the final say on whether the monument, officially known as Perpetual Motion, should be enveloped in a green hue, has delayed a decision.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland, which has responsiblity for major road routes, says it has no objection to the greening of the ball "in principle, provided Kildare County Council is satisfied that such lighting will not interfere with driver safety."

KCC says it has to be sure there are no safety issues before strobe lighting can be put up.

A contractor maintenance company is also involved in the decision.

This should a black or white issue; alas it's turned grey.

It came up again at a Naas Municipal District meeting today and the councillors have made it clear they’re in  favour of the green ball. But the issue has been rumbling on for five months now.

The project hasn't got the – ahem – green light, just yet. But the chances are that the politicians won't be singing the blues  or be red with embarrassment come March 17.

The likelihood is that the ball will change colour for the first time since it was commissioned in 1996.