Sallins has 'a hostile pedestrian environment'

700 children attending school in Sallins

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Sallins has 'a hostile pedestrian environment'

File photo: Sallins

Seven hundred children from Sallins trying to get to school have to negotiate dangerous junctions and unfinished stretches of footpath on a daily basis.

That’s according to Fergus Carpenter, chairperson of the Sallins Community Council, which staged a public meeting last week to highlight road safety hazards in the town.

Residents who attended the meeting listed dangers as well as possible solutions. And among the risks highlighted is the absence of adequate traffic calming measures at the entrance to town, particularly from the Clane direction. “This is madness,” said Mr Carpenter, referring to some of the risks posed to pedestrians.

There were complaints, too, that several hundred young people wait for buses in areas that are not designated for buses. One group wait for the school bus near a garage in an area where, by necessity, cars are parked and moving.

Mr Carpenter highlighted a report commissioned by Kildare County Council in 2016 which described the centre of Sallins as “having a somewhat hostile pedestrian environment.”

The meeting heard that proposals are needed to create safe spaces for children to get on and off school buses and for a safe way to get children across the canal to school ( a footbridge has been mooted in the past as a possible solution to this).

There was criticism too of illegal and dangerous parking near the St. Laurence’s national school.

Some 30 people have volunteered to participate on an ad hoc committee.

“These are busy people willing to give up their time to show how concerned the residents are,” said Mr Carpenter.