Kildare Animal Foundation desperately need people to adopt a dog

Number of dogs looking for homes

Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


Kildare Animal Foundation desperately need people to adopt dogs in their care

One of the dogs up for adoption at Kildare Animal Foundation

We have had a lot of dogs come into us of late, and they’re coming in quicker than we can rehome them.

When a dog arrives into our care, they are often broken, not just physically but often emotionally. They have been let down by their owners, the people who once claimed to love them.

Maybe they do love them, but life threw something at them and they could not cope, and their pets suffered. 

For the most, though, there is no excuse if the animals are beaten, starved, ignored, forgotten and unwanted. These are the stone-cold facts that animal rescues must face. 

Our volunteers are experienced to take care of pets in these cases. They can read them from the moment they go on that call-out or when the animal arrives at our gates.

If that animals needs us to sit on the ground for them to climb all over and for us to shower them with love, we will, or if they need us to just give them the space they need, then we can do that also.

Some dogs that arrive into our care just don’t trust people any more. 

They will do anything to run away from people as they think all humans will hurt them. 

These cases are more heartbreaking than most. In these situations, we can just show them that we are different, that we have so much to offer them if they could just trust us. 

They will see us bring them regular good-quality food, give them fresh water every day, and provide them with clean and warm bedding. 

They will watch us interact with other dogs and see how happy they are. Then, one day, their attitude towards us start to change, they will wag their tail just a little or they might run up and sniff our hands and off they go. 

We give them the time they need it. We put no limit on it, be it six weeks or six months. 

Once we know a dog is healthy in body and mind we will go about trying to find them the ideal home.

It’s very important that we match the correct dog to the correct home and visa versa.

Potential owners will come to visit the shelter and view the dogs, and the volunteers will ask questions and see what kind of dog they are looking for. 

If the visitors find the dog they think they would like to adopt, then we ask them to go home and think about it. 

It is an important, life-changing decision. We also do home visits for every animal that leaves our shelter for a new home. 

The volunteers that do these visits are extremely knowledgeable and heart-warming, and will sit with you and discuss your new pet. 

Once everyone is happy, your new pet will go home with you but that’s not all. 

We do follow-up calls and visits to make sure all is going well and that you, your family and your pets are happy.

If something does come up in the future, the animal is always welcome back at our shelter with arrangements being made on both sides before this happens. 

If you would like to give a dog a home or indeed a cat, please do visit us or give us a call at the contact number below.

Kildare Animal Foundation, located outside Kildare town, is a voluntary organisation that provides a safe haven for neglected or abused animals. Tel: 045 522929, email or log on to All donations welcome.