Kildare Live Register falls 11% over year

Larger drop for Athy

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare Live Register falls 11% over year

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The number of people on the Live Register in the Kildare has dropped by around 11% in the year to January of this year, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The overall number fell by 1,288 people from 11,271 in January 2016 to 9,983 last month, a fall of 11%.

The equivalent figure for the State was 14%

There was a larger % drop in Athy where numbers fell 17% from 2,038 to 1,682.

While the drop for those under 25 mirrored the overall figure in the county as a whole, falling also by 11% by 140 people to 1,098, the drop in Athy for under 25’s was 29%, the numbers going down there by 84 to 202.

The falls in the Maynooth area were slightly smaller.

The overall figure fell 9% to 3,069 (down by 318) and that for under 25’s fell 8% to 303.

In the Newbridge office, the overall figure fell by 589 from 5518 in January 2017 to 4,929, an 11% drop, last month.

The number of under 25’s signing on at Newbridge fell by 31 people to 593, a drop of 5%.