Over 3,500 extra Kildare jobs - Labour Force Survey

Drop in scientific and technical jobs

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Over 3,500 extra Kildare jobs - Labour Force Survey

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The number of people in work in county Kildare has increased by around 3.5% in the year up to the third quarter of 2017.

According to the Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2017, released January 16, there were 8,900 more people in employment in the Mid East than a year earlier.

County Kildare accounts for approximately 40% of the Mid East workforce, implying an extra 3,500 jobs in the county.

The Central Statistics Office figures revealed that there were 261,300 at work in Q3 2017, compared to 252,400 a year earlier. This was a 3.5% rise, higher than for the State as a whole, where numbers rose 2.2%.

The biggest increases, percentage wise, in the Mid East, were in the information/communication sector, up 4,800 to 17,200, a leap of 39%.

Next came construction where numbers grew 3,400 to 17,900, a 23% rise. Education saw 3,100 extra jobs, bringing the numbers there for 19,700.

The largest sector, “services,” saw numbers up 9,700 to 198,900,  a 4.2% hike.

But some sector saw much smaller rises or, even, falls.

The number in human health and social work activities rose by just 200 to 34,700.

There were falls in industry, a 1,200 drop (3.4%) to 34,000.

The numbers in financial, insurance and real estate fell 1,100 (or 7.7%) to 13,100.

There was also drop in the accommodation and food services sector by 1,700 (or 11.5%), also to 13,100.

Numbers fell 2,800 (or by 15.8%) in Professional, scientific and technical activities, to 14,900.

Job numbers in agriculture, forestry and fishing dropped 3,400 (26%) to 9,500, implying there are around 3,800 people employed directly in this sector in county Kildare.