Decision is due this week on 88 home Naas development

Tipper Road

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Decision due this week on 88 home Naas development

Across the road from the entrance to Naas racecourse

A decision will be made this week on whether to approve another new housing development in Naas.

The proposal to build 88 houses at a site on Tipper Road, which was once the location of a disused industrial building, has aroused an amount of opposition.

The application has been made by Alykes Limited, which has a business address in Wexford, to build 88 houses. If it proceeds the houses are likely to attract interest because of of relative proximity of the site to the the town and the fact that the area is already home to some expensive residential development.

The application envisages that most the homes (43) will have four bedrooms. It seeks permission for 31 three bedroom houses.

All of the homes would have either three or four bedrooms though the application submitted has five different house types.

The plan also proposes three public open spaces, comprising a total of 6,010 square metres and the biggest individual open space would occupy nearly 2,900 square metres.

The objections include one from the residents group representing The Paddocks, which is adjacent to the site and on the same side of the road.

It says that the land is currently zoned for enterprise and employment use under the existing Naas Development Plan and “housing is not consistent with this zoning”.

It adds: “There is a shortage of such zoned sites close to the town centre and this zoning status should be retained.” They also point out that the exact location of the ring road (which will link Dublin Road with Blessington Road providing a completed ring road system circling Naas) has not been decided.

The letter adds that the Tipper area of Naas is already being developed for housing with a new development of about 400 houses confirmed for there.

“This new development will have a dramatic and negative impact on on traffic volumes on the Tipper Road/Blessington Road area. The Tipper Road is unable to cope with existing traffic volumes.

“An additional 88 houses is not sustainable and will give rise to further safety issues on the Tipper Road.”

The residents say the density of the development is excessive and not in keeping with neighbouring estates such The Paddocks, Woodlands, Chestnut Hill of Mountain View.

They add that a number of houses in the Paddocks will be overlooked by third floor windows in the proposed development and “will be in shadow for part of the day”.

They say the development is proposed to run up to the boundary with The Paddocks and, as proposed, is too close to houses there.

Several residents of The Paddocks have also made submissions.

These include Labour councillor Anne Breen, who said there is already sufficient housing in that area and the existing zoning of the site should be retained because it is important to have a balance between residential and non residential development.