Naas Shopping Centre to finally go on sale


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas Shopping Centre to finally go on sale

Naas Shopping Centre

The derelict Naas Shopping Centre will be put of sale shortly, probably at the end of the month.

It is understood that negotiations with a number of interested parties are close to conclusion and these must be resolved before the centre can be sold.

The July 13 fire which caused some damage to the interior of the building is also believed to have contributed to the delay of the sale.

There is also thought to be some interest in opening the centre as a third level education campus.

A business source close to efforts to expedite an opening told the Leader that  the centre could be used for third level education “for a period of years only” before reverting to its intended original use.

Maynooth University did not respond a query about whether it would be interested in using the centre.

The university opened a campus at Kilkenny which has been offering undergraduate and post graduate courses  for students from Kilkenny and the south east for 20 years.

Fianna Fail TD James Lawless said any interest the university has in Naas would be welcome.

be welcome.

“It's a fast growing university but if an educational hub is to be developed in Naas  the car park at the centre would have to open. Manor Mills in Maynooth is an example of a location where an education campus can exist alongside e retail units,” added Dep. Lawless.

The National Asset Management Agency appointed top finance house Duff and Phelps as receiver six months ago. Since then talks have been taking place with business owners which have an interest in the centre, including those which gave up properties on the main street as the centre was developed. The Leader also understands that some negotiations have taken place between Duff and Phelps an d Kildare County Council, which is owed at least €2m. as  a result of the development of the centre, including the cost of the original par park.

It is believed that the receiver offered to dispose of the houses at Cill Corbain (most of which are rented), behind the centre near Naas CBS, with the aim of discharging  the debt which is due to the council.

It is also understood that these talks are still taking place.