104 Kildare nursing home beds available to cope with hospital discharges


Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue



104 Kildare nursing home beds available to cope with hospital discharges

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County Kildare nursing homes have the capacity and skills to meet care needs of residents requiring discharge from Naas and Dublin Hospitals according to Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI).

The representative body has stated that nursing homes in the county are positioned to facilitate timely discharges from acute hospitals of people back into the community and must be utilised, where appropriate.

An snapshot survey undertaken by NHI of bed availability within the county revealed 104 beds were available within the 11 private and voluntary nursing homes in Co Kildare.

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Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO said; “Our nursing homes in Co Kildare are primarily positioned to facilitate timely discharges from Naas General and hospitals within Dublin, where appropriate. Many people associate nursing home care with long-stay care but it is important to realise they fulfil an essential role in providing step-down care and supporting timely discharges from our acute hospitals back into the community.”

He said last year over 700 persons per month were transitioned from acute hospitals into nursing home care within their local communities.

“Approximately 60% of the hundreds of people who are clinically fit for discharge on a daily basis from hospitals are awaiting long-term nursing care, according to the HSE. Facilitating speedy discharge of these people into long-term nursing care, via nursing homes, will enable the HSE free-up beds within their acute hospitals and provide the person with a more appropriate setting to meet their health and social care needs,” he added.