Kildare has relatively high local tax compliance

Over 10% of property owners undervalued property by two bands

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare has relatively high local tax compliance

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Property owners in Kildare had a higher than average compliance rate when it came to paying Local Property Tax in 2017, according to Revenue Commission figures released today, January 5.

Around 78,800 properties in Kildare paid €20m in LPT (€477m for the State), resulting in an overall compliance rate of 98.2%, compared to 97% for the country as a whole.

The €20m represents an average of  around €253 per property.

There were 2,500 cases deferred and 1,700 property owners declared exempt in county Kildare.

The figures supplied by the Revenue suggest that 68% of county properties were in bands under €200,000.

Another 18.3% were in the €200,001 to €250,000 range.

Just 6.7% were in €250,001 to €300,000 range with another 6.8% in the €300,000 plus range.

The release also reveals preliminary Revenue estimates  that in the State as a whole 43% of property owners made the same assessment as Revenue as to the value band of their properties, in their self assessments in 2013.

Again Revenue says the estimates are preliminary.

Another 41% declared a lower band, thus lowering the tax levied, and 16% overvalued their properties. In Kildare, 46.9% of owners agreed with the Revenue, while 35% undervalued their properties and 18.1% overvalued their properties.

The tables said that of the 35% under valuers, 24.6% undervalued by one band, 7.8% by two band and 2.6% by three bands.

Commenting on the publication of these latest statistics, the Collector-General, Mr. Michael Gladney said: “There is a continuing high compliance rate for LPT, currently 97%, and the vast majority of property owners fully comply with their payment obligations either in a single payment, or with phased payments.”

Mr Gladney added: “For those who have not already paid, or made arrangements to pay their 2018 LPT liabilities, next Wednesday 10 January is the LPT payment deadline to pay in full by debit/credit card or cheque. Property owners who want to pay in full by Annual Debit Authority (an electronic cheque), and have their payment deducted on 21 March 2018, must confirm this with us by next Wednesday, 10 January 2018."