Rare bird is breeding in County Kildare

The return of the woodpecker

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Rare bird is breeding in County Kildare

The County Kildare woodpecker

County Kildare can probably claim to have its share of rare birds – the feathered variety that is.

One of these pretty creatures (pictured above) is proof enough that the Great Spotted Woodpecker is breeding locally.

Wild Kildare,  a voluntary ecology group established recently, believes that the bird’s red head indicates that it is a juvenile and it is pictured no more than a kilometre from the nest site.

Paddy Sheridan of Wild Kildare said the bird spent some time feeding in a garden. He says the location of the nest is almost certainly known but “due to the delicate nature of the situation” he’s reluctant to disclose its location.

This species of woodpecker has been been turning up regularly of late in Ireland. Birdwatch Ireland says that Ireland is one of the few countries in Ireland to have no resident woodpeckers.