November fall in Kildare Live Register

Over 1,600 fewer on county register

November fall in Kildare Live Register

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 The number of people on the Live Register in county Kildare in November was almost fifteen per cent lower than in the same month a year earlier.

The number fell 1,670 people to 9,776.

There was a bigger percentage drop in those under 25 year, 23% from 1,303 to 1,044 people.

The numbers aged 25 and over fell 13.5% to 8,772, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The figures largely mirror the changes in the State as a whole, where the overall drop was the same as in county Kildare (14.6%).

Within the county, the changes varied slightly. Overall there was a 16.3% drop in Newbridge with 923 people leaving the Register and a 9.5% drop in Maynooth, with 352 people leaving.

Regarding under 25’s, the fall in Newbridge was almost 24% with the number dropping to 533 people. The drop in Athy was almost 27%, a fall of 199 people and in Maynooth there were 60 people less, a drop of 18%.