Talks continue in a bid to save Kildare school from closure

Future of Brannoxtown National School

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Talks continue to save Kildare school

The attendance at one of the public meetings during the summer

The future of Brannoxtown National School is still unclear.

There had been a severe drop in enrollment over the past number of years and public meetings were held last summer to persuade parents to re-enroll their children or keep them in the school. Problems with communication and other issues were cited by parents.

It's understood there are three pupils enrolled at present.

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“The decision making authority for a school closure belongs to the patron of a school, and this is subject to the agreement of the Department. As committed to in the Programme for Government, no school will close without consultation with all of the relevant stakeholders, parents, teachers, students and local communities and follow decisions taken at local level. The Department is continuing to engage with the Patron in relation to the issues arising including the school's future viability,” said a Department spokesperson.

When contacted by the Leader, the patron, the Dublin Archdiocese said; "there are currently on-going discussions with the DES and Patron about Brannoxtown National School for 2018-2019."