Kildare soldiers' families to join protest at poor pay and conditions

November 30

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Kildare soldiers' families to join protest at poor pay and conditions

File photo: Defence Forces in action

Families of Kildare soldiers will be traveling to Dublin this Thursday, November 30 for a Wives & Partners of the Defence Forces (WPDF) protest march and 24 vigil at Leinster House.

The protest begins at 2pm with a wreath with a laying ceremony on Merrion Square East.

“The aim of this peaceful protest march and vigil is to continue to raise awareness surrounding the unacceptable pay and conditions endured by our loved ones who are enlisted members of the Defence Forces,” said the WPDF. 

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“Their low pay, which makes them some of the poorest paid public servants in the country, ensures that Defence Force families continue to live in poverty, endure food and fuel poverty, while our children continue to suffer child poverty.”

The group said; “Since establishing our group in November 2016, we continue to be overwhelmed by the avalanche of gut wrenching real life stories experienced by Defence Force families. Budget 2017 came and went and did nothing for people like us who are struggling on a daily basis to make ends meet despite our partners working full time with irregular and unpredictable hours in the Defence Forces often impacting on family life.”

WPDF would like to invite all families and friends of serving, retired and deceased members of the Defence Forces to join them as they remember and honour deceased members of the Defence Forces.

This Wreath Laying Ceremony commences at Merrion Square East at 2pm on November 30. Families and visitors may be seated inside the gates.

Following the wreath laying ceremony attendees will continue with a ‘walk for welfare’ from Merrion Square to Leinster House where invited guests have been asked to speak.

This will include politicians and WPDF representatives.