Free parking in Naas at Christmas

No charges

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Fee parking in Naas at Christmas

South Main Street, Naas

There will be no charges for parking in Naas at Christmas. Free parking will come into force on Monday December 18 and there will be no charges again until Tuesday January 2 - which is in line with arrangements for last Christmas/New Year.

It is not clear if the machines will be actually switched off, as requested by Cllr Anne Breen. Two years ago there was some confusion because the machines were not actually turned off, giving the impression to some that the charges were in still force.

Kildare County Council is emphasising that the wardens will still be on duty and will act in the event of illegal parking such as on double yellow lines.

The abolition of charges for the festive season applies to KCC machines only - and not necessarily to the car parks which are privately operated in Naas.