New Naas gift card launches on Friday

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Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


New Naas gift card launches on Friday


Employers in Naas are being asked to promote a gift card scheme, which is unique to Naas.

Gift cards can be given free of tax up to a maximum value of €500. Known as the NaasMe2you card, it will be launched on Friday at Naas Town Hall at 6.30pm, and will be widely available from Monday next.

 Alice Fennelly and Robin Skelton, Naas business people,  are among those promoting the scheme.

Marketing specialist Krystle Foley will assist with marketing and publicity.

Their objective is to get as many of the cards in circulation this Christmas and they are encouraging larger companies in the area to switch from similar cards to the Naas version.

 “It’s a win win scheme for everybody involved; retailers, businesses, employers and those who receive the cards,” said Ms. Fennelly.

The gift cards can range in value from €15 to €500 and an employer can give a staff member multiple cards within a given tax year as long as the total value doesn’t exceed €500.

Some 60 different businesses of in the Naas area are participating.