Naas Shopping Centre land issue for High Court

A small piece of land near the Naas Shopping Centre is the subject of a High Court hearing

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas Shopping Centre land issue for High Court

Naas Shopping Centre

A High Court hearing is due to take place next March to deal with an issue relating to the unopened Naas Shopping Centre.

The case is being taken by Kildare County Council and surrounds a small parcel of land at Corban’s Lane, close to the centre.

KCC is attempting to buy the land, the equivalent of 11 car parking spaces, which is situated between Naas CBS and the corner leading to Fairgreen.

A number of arbitration hearings have taken place in Naas with the aim of coming up with a valuation but the last of these hearings took place some time ago.

This is the second piece of land which was the subject of arbitration hearings.

A separate arbitration case was concluded early in 2016 and related to the compulsory purchase of a piece of land closer to Naas CBS. This  concluded with an agreed, though undisclosed, settlement between the parties.

At the time Kildare County Council said the details of this settlement “are confidential”. 

Pending the outcome of the High Court proceedings, the arbitration hearings may resume.

Separately, it understood a number of houses at Cill Corbain, adjacent to the shopping centre were place d on the market and then withdrawn, fuelling speculation that KCC is interested in buying the properties.

The 10 houses were put up for sale as a single lot with an asking price of €2m.

Some of the houses are occupied and are being rented. Almost all of the residents are members of the Bangladeshi community, most of whom are Irish citizens.