More thought needed on protection order - Kildare Judge

Naas District Court

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Judge slams State over protection orders

File photo: Naas courthouse

A District Court judge said he would prefer if there was more thought undertaken by the State before they charged people for a breaching a  Protection Order.

Judge Brian O'Shea made the comment after being told that the State was withdrawing a charge of breaching a Court Protection Order brought against a Naas man.

His partner told the court she was dropping the charge and was not under duress to do so.

Judge O’Shea made his comment at yesterday’s (November 1) sitting of Naas District Court.

The man, who was in his late forties appeared at the sitting with his partner. 

Garda Inspector Oliver Henry said the man’s partner wished to withdraw the case brought by the Director of Public Prosecution.

Judge O’Shea it was not for the woman to withdraw the case.

“It had taken Garda time and resources to bring it,” he said.

Asked under oath by Judge O’Shea if she had withdrawn the case under duress, the woman replied in one word: “No.”

Inspector Henry said the Gardai did not wish to proceed with the case, or rely on other law to proceed with it.

Judge O’Shea said: “I would prefer it if these matters were thought out before charges were brought.”

Conal Boyce, solicitor, representing the defendant, said that if the case went ahead in public court, two children would have to give evidence.

Mr Boyce said there were other processes which could be used to deal with the matter.