High failure rate at Kildare NCT car test centre

Over half failed at Naas

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



High failure rate at Kildare NCT car test centre

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Kildare drivers experienced some of the highest first time NCT failure rates in the State, according to new figures.

Recent data sourced via the Road Safety Authority, show that of 49,955 vehicle tests carried out at the National Car Test Centre in Naas in 2016, 55.7%  failed the test the first time.

This was the tenth highest first time failure rate recorded in 50 test centres throughout the State.

Of those vehicles retested in Naas, 90.3% passed  but 9.7% or 2,486 of vehicles retested, failed the retest.

The figures, analysed by the Leader from the recently published Central Statistic Office Transport Omnibus 2016, show that just 44.3% of vehicles passed the test the first time in Naas. This means that in addition to the €55 initial test fee, 22,133 owners paid a further €28 for the retest.

The Leader estimates that overall, vehicles owners paid €3.46m in fees at Naas in 2016 with around 969 vehicles a week tested at the centre.

Nationally, vehicles owners paid around €101.8m for tests across the 50 centres.

The national first time failure rate was 52.8% , lower than Naas, with 47.2% vehicles tested, passing the first time.

Carlow had the 6th highest first time failure rate in the State (57%) with Fonthill, where many north Kildare vehicles are tested, in 7th place, at 56.8%.

The highest first time failure rates in the State was at Clifden, Galway, (62.2%), followed by Monaghan (62%), Longford (58.6%), Derrybeg, Donegal, (57.9%) and Cavan (57.4%).

The Naas centre was the ninth busiest in the State with 49,955 tests and Fonthill was the third busiest with 97,982.

Of the overall income from the 50 centres, almost 21% came from retests. But this ranged from 24% to 18.6%, depending on the centre.