Teenager alleged to have assaulted girl in County Kildare will appear back in court next month

Court waiting for DPP Directions

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Teenager alleged to have assaulted girl in County Kildare will appear back in court next month

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A 15-year-old boy, who allegedly assaulted a female teenager in Co. Kildare, will appear back in court next month.

A guilty plea was entered for a separate charge, for the possession of drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act, dating back to March 18 last, at Naas District Court yesterday (October 19).

The defendant can’t be named due to reporting restrictions, because he is underage.

The teenager is also charged with assault causing harm on June 19 2017.

The State is alleging that he punched, kicked and headbutted a 15-year-old girl, who was later taken to hospital. 

It was heard yesterday (October 19) that the court is waiting for DPP directions for the secion 3 assault.

When the youth first appeared in court on July 19 last, Judge Desmond Zaidan was told there was an objection to bail.

The teenager’s parents had concerns over their son’s mental health.

Conal Boyce, solicitor, representing the defendant, told the court on July 19 that he wanted the youth to be assessed at Oberstown Detention Centre. He was remanded in custody to Oberstown for one week, until July 26. He appeared back at Naas District Court on July 26, where he was remanded to Oberstown for a further week, until August 3.

The court was told, on July 26, that a meeting had been arranged with a clinical psychologist in Beaumont Hospital to assess the teenager the following week.

On August 3, a further short remand was sought and granted by Judge Miriam Walsh, as the youth was due to meet the clinical psychologist that week.

On August 10, the teenager appeared back before Judge Walsh, where he was remanded for a further two weeks, until August 24, as psychological and psychiatric reports would not be completed until that date.

On August 24, the youth was released on bail.

The report from the assessment sought on him in Oberstown revealed that he had addiction issues, relating specifically to valium and alcohol.

The youngster was granted bail on condition that he make no contact with alleged victim of the assault, that he obey a curfew from 10pm to 7am and that he sign on at his local Garda Station.

The dedendant’s mother told Judge Desmond Zaidan, yesterday (October 19) that her son was doing well, has gotten a part-time job, and is making a big effort.

The teenager is due back on November 16, for preparation of a probation report. There was no objection to continued bail.

Judge Zaidan told the youth to make sure to stay in touch with counsellors and professionals. “If you mend your ways, I’ll be able to help you”, Judge Zaidan told him.