INTERVIEW: Two Kildare women have no luck with love on TV3's 'Blind Date' debut

The new series aired on Sunday last

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


INTERVIEW: Two Kildare women have no luck with love on TV3's 'Blind Date' debut

(L-R) Niamh McGrane from Leixlip with Jennifer from Meath and Ciara from Dublin on Blind Date, Sunday October 8

Two Kildare natives stole the hearts of the nation as they set out to find love on TV3’s new Blind Date series, which aired on Sunday last, October 8.

The show, which takes on the old fashioned quest for love, sees singletons match up before they meet.

Twenty two year-old make-up artist, Niamh McGrane from Leixlip, saw the application online and just decided to give it a go.

“It was something different, just to kind of meet new people, do something crazy and fun.

“The reactions were really good, it was hilarious.” 

Niamh said she did, however, feel a bit cringey doing it.

“It was and it wasn’t. In the heat of the moment you don’t really think about it, you do think ‘oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually saying this’, but you just have to be on the ball.” 

Niamh said there was no competitiveness between herself and the other two contestants, Jennifer from Meath and Ciara from Dublin.

“Surprisingly no, I was really nervous when I came in, it was kind of intimadating at the start, but there was no competition whatsoever, it was a bit of fun.” 

While Niamh wasn’t picked by Gary from Tallaght in the end, she said she would be up for doing a blind date again.

“I was so nervous, but the intensity and excitement leading up to it was insane.” 

Niamh said she has received a few friend requests after the show, but isn’t looking for a relationship.

“I’m not really looking as such, it’ll happen when I’m ready for it to happen. I’ve tried the likes of Tinder and Plenty of Fish but they just creep me out.” 

Another Kildare girl to feature on the show was Aisling O’Sullivan from Newbridge. The separated mum of four said she didn’t tell her kids she applied for the show, which showed her heading off to Tayto Park with date Ray from Dublin.

“I kinda sat them down on the couch and just watched for their reaction, it was hilarious.

“They just started screaming ‘oh my god it’s you mam’. They just thought it was hilarious seeing their mam on telly. I knew they wouldn’t have an issue with it as in they’re always telling me to go out on dates which is hilarious. They got a great laugh out of seeing it.” 

Aisling explained that she only applied for the craic, but was nervous on the lead-up.

“To be honest it was just for the laugh with my friends, and I never really thought I’d be called.  And then when I did get called I went in and did the interview and it was just a bit of a laugh, and I said life’s too short. I have to say I had a lovely day out so I can’t complain.”

Unforntunately, things didn’t work out for Aisling and Ray, as Aisling felt he was ‘a lot’.

“I think I would have needed someone a bit calmer than him,” she said.

She is still on the hunt for a partner.

“I’d like Gerard Butler but yano. You have to believe he’s out there somewhere.”