Kildare apartment plan goes straight to Bord Pleanala

Company plans 138 apartment for Mill Street in Maynooth

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress

 A property company has lodged a planning application with Bord Pleanala for one hundred and thirty eight apartments and a retail and creche development at Mill Street in Maynooth.

The application was lodged on September 18 and signed off on September 29.

It is one of the new applications whereby housing developments comprising over a 100 units can be sent straight to Bord Pleanala rather than have to go to the local authority, in this case Kildare County Council.

The proposal comes from the Ladas Property Company Unlimited, owned by the Comer brothers, Barry, Luke and Brian, registered at Leixlip.

Under the Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act, the proposers of this Strategic Housing Development, must have an initial consultation with the local authority. Then a tripartite discussion, between the Board, Council and the developer takes place. The legislation allows sixteen weeks for  Bord Pleanala to make its decision. Fines can be imposed if a decision is late.

The public can make submissions or object to Bord Pleanala.

No appeal will be allowed but it will be open to anyone objecting to seek a judicial review in the High Court.