Kildare's Lego champs fail to make Lego Masters grand finale

Now planning their own display in Limerick

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Kildare's Lego champs fail to make Lego Masters finale

Faolán and Jessica Farrell

The Kildare mum and son Lego Masters team, who impressed the judges on the latest episode of the Channel 4 show last night, have failed to make it to the grand final. 

Rathangan's Jessica and Faolán Farrell were one of the top teams on the TV show, which has captured the imagination of thousands of people across Britain and Ireland.

Due to air next Thursday at 8pm, the grand final will show the final three teams building something based on a child’s imagines story, before the final two teams have two weeks to work on their master creation.

The series has gained a huge following, and featured teams of people of all ages, who face a different challenge each week to build a creation of Lego.

Jessica and Faolán (13) have impressed the judges with their meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Speaking prior to their exit last night, Jessica said the pair had thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

She said it’s a show for Lego fans of all ages and all walks of life. Although, filming of the four episode series has been completed, the Rathangan mum has been sworn to secrecy until the shows are aired. However, she does admit, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“The high point is the camaraderie between the contestants, there is no animosity. We even helped each other and gave advice to each other,” she said.

A member of — The Association for Adult Fans of Lego, Jessica has always been fascinated by the art of building Lego. An invitation for participation in the show was issued through and that was how Jessica and her son came to be involved in the Channel 4 show, advancing through a series of grueling interviews and builds to reach the televised shows.

Jessica is a horticulturist and a former judge in the Rathangan Tidy Towns awards as well as running her own small nursery.

She said building a creation on the show is very different from working on her own projects at home.

“In the show, it’s been a very steep learning curve. The whole thing is totally different, normally you would have your own particular collection, you know what you have, its organised in a certain way. On the show, you are working with a different set of parts, you don’t know where something is, It’s all on camera, has to be done within a certain amount of time, when things go wrong, you just have to smile and laugh and get on with it, and it’s all on TV,” she added.

On episode three, the teams had to create a collection of moving fun park rides, which all had to have a theme. The series is hosted by DJ and TV presenter Melvin Odoom.

Each programme tests a wide array of disciplines from the playful to the technical to the unexpected and judging is led by Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design for the Lego Group.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Faolán will be exhibiting some of their own Lego creations on September 10 at the Great National South Court Hotel for the seventh Limerick Diecast Model & Diorama Show. All are welcome to come along.